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Nanjing Audit Bureau shiziba Chengzhong Village demolition special audit project

Release time:2019-12-26  Browse times:1911
Nanjing Municipal Audit Bureau is subordinate to Jiangsu Provincial Audit Bureau, which is a government department. Its basic functions include: participating in the formulation of local regulations and other normative documents on audit and finance; formulating and supervising the implementation of audit system in the whole district; reporting to the District People's government and the Municipal Audit Bureau as well as reporting the audit situation to the relevant departments in the District, and proposing to formulate and improve relevant policies, regulations and macro-control Submit the audit result report on the implementation of the district's financial budget to the District People's government; submit the district's financial budget implementation and other audit work reports on financial revenues and expenditures to the Standing Committee of the District People's Congress upon the entrustment of the District People's government.
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